Shaia Spice
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About Shaia Spice

Shaia Spice is a small owner operated company located in the San Francisco Bay Area producing hand crafted artisan spice blends. Debuting in 2011 as wedding favors, our blends have grown from Farmer's Markets to Market shelves!

Using Shaia Spice is easy. We want to help people eat real food, healthy food.

Shaia Spice makes creative, flavorful food accessible for any cook and every cook, regardless of the level of culinary experience.

If a product is easy to use and the finished dish is great, people will not only enjoy what they are eating but also feel good about themselves and what they have created.

We are careful with our ingredients, trying to source locally and use our creative combinations rather that sodium for our great flavor.
We think packaging is important. We hope that our glass jars will be repurposed in the home and if not, recycled.


 As Chefs, we continually strive for perfection in our art.  
We are dedicated to your complete satisfaction.

Give our Blends, Rubs and Sugars a try! We know you're going to love them just as much as we do!
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